Andreas Heuer – The iPad in the history class

Using the iPad in the history class:

Why using the IPad in the history class? Students can encounter and annotate primary and secondary sources, watch video sequences, use pages to gather information and keynote for presentations, and listen to speeches. When they need additional background information, they can click buttons to access narratives, timelines, maps. All these sources open up the classroom and give students the tools to investigate historical developments from very different perspectives. Giving the fact that students come from various backgrounds, the iPad helps to bring these backgrounds into the classroom. A classic example from my class: The outbreak of the Second World War. Normally we organize this subject from the German perspective, the textbook defines clearly what the students should learn. But what about the fact that at the same time we should develop the historical conciseness of our students . and our own, by the way, too? Did the Second World War start in Europe? Students with a turkish, afghanistan or any other background may ask what happened during the Second World War in these countries? Which role does the Second World War play in these countries today? Such approaches can’t be done/followed with ordinary textbooks. The iPad is a tool which opens methods and contents of discovery and self-learning. All we have to do is to start and try…

(Andreas Heuer)

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