Another confession

Photo safariI also got bad conscience today when the e-mail from Ted arrived in my mailbox. My goal of this project is to feel comfortable using the iPad in the classroom. To tell you the short version I just say that I want the students to use it for filming, writing, presenting and searching information. In Kassel I learned about many apps that could be used for having a bit more fun than what’s possible with an ordinary computer. Before Kassel I was not so sure about using the iPad instead of the computer but all the presentations of what can be done conscience dem that this is the devise of the future and we must learn how to use it otherwise we will be looked upon as ancient teachers. I want to be modern. After Kassel I have used the iPad for filming my student’s speeches and having them make trailers in iMovie to get to know eachother and give a presentation of themselves in the new group that I have just started.

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