Assignment #1

My goals in this project

First I would like to find something that increases the level of motivation for students with special education needs that are re studying grammar school level courser.

It is easy to understand how it feels to repeat and repeat the same educational skill and failing. So a new approach is what I am looking for.

I also like the possibilities to have all the books in an I  Pad so a pupil can have everything in one device, books that are readable and possible to listen to as well as assignment.

Another goal is to work more subject overlapping in projects so that a pupil can take pictures at his/her vocational training place, bring it to school and talk about it in English, write about it in Swedish and use it in civics to discuss labor law.

Kind of cleaning up the classroom from papers and broken pens and creating a clean working environment.

My fear is that the I pad will become a large smartphone and distract the students, and therefore I have as a goal to really be ahead regarding technology and be well aware of what I want to achieve so that I can steer students in the direction that I have chosen.

Lastly, at this moment is to develop a variety of self-assessment tools.

Notice how the pupil became a student in the reading above, which is also a goal.


Where am I now?

At this moment I am just trying to figure out if this is doable. I need a lot of practice though I can’t even make a keynote presentation without getting frustrated.

This week I will look in to the App with books and also what kind of books that are suitable.



Author: Ulrika Molin

Work as a teacher at Rudbeck, Sollentuna.

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