Exchange Austauch Utbyte!

Hi everbody!

I´m looking forward to a week for sports holiday, but first I have to tell you..

I´m so excited about Martins and my project were we make an exchange of artworks between our classes!

I got 18 interesting works from Martin and now I have given my students one each, to make an artistic respond or comment to. My student were so happy to see the pictures of the the boys and girls from Kassel with their artworks in their hands. Now they are supposed to do an artwork in any teknik. As kong as they use the Ipad in some way.They can take photos, make o video or work in for example Sketchbook or Inkpad. if they choose to make a drawing, painting or sculpture, they have to document it with the Ipad.

My pupils were really excited to see the who the creator of the artwork was and  read their thoughts of their work.There were many warm and happy faces in my classroom!

I´m going to send their response to Martin in two weeks. Maybe this could be a start of an artistic exchange that could continue in a life after our Paducation project?

I have also sent drawings to Martin and we´ll see if there is time to make an answer to them.

This project is easily made with the Ipads of course. The distance between our schools is suddenly very small. Just a touch on the Pad and then we are in contact!

Have a nice weekend everyone! / Ylva



Pedagogical Day “Discovering Possibilities”

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-31 um 10.33.16
There will be a whole day for pedagogical discussions about iPads at the Lichtenberg-Schule on 17th February 2015! More than 100 teachers are involved.

This is part of the program:

Short input about Hattie, ICILS and the German Network “Digitaler Alltag”.

Several workshops like “Digital Natives?! – What are our experiences…”
“Real Beginners – how to use a iPad”
“Giving Feedback and work with Google Drive”
“Digitale Helden – fight against cyber mobbing”
“What knows WhatsApp? – Security in Social Networks” and, and, and …

Special workshops for German, English, Arts, History, Politics, Religion, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physical Education
… with pedagogical discussions
… with lots of examples that the Paducation-Teachers found out in their own lessons
“Different creative Apps for Arts – from drawing to filming”
“Mind maps and Concept Maps”
“Explore various historical sources and archives”
“TI-Nspire and GeoGebra in Maths”
“How to share solutions and results during the lesson”
“Analysis of movement with films”




Troubleshooting… not only with Apple-IDs…

After using “iTunes Match” for a while there is one thing you should always have to remember: We, the music teachers in Lichtenberg, do use “Match” on our own Apple-ID. That means, you have to be aware, that it could happen, that you can´t update apps being bought under a different (maybe private) Apple-ID! In my case it took me a long time to recognize this “mistake”, because I didn´t understand for some time, why there was a constant “update-loop” for example with an update of “Pages”: after updating there was always again the same update to be loaded again and again and again, until I understood the “problem” (which was me, sitting in front of the screen – this “Pages” was bought with my private Apple-ID!).
Besides, some of my colleagues complained about that they had to erase their private iTunes library while using “Match” in school (what is necessary, as I mentioned before).
Last but not least I failed in using “AirDrop” even between an iMac with latest “Yosemite” and my iPad with latest iOS 8. Thomas told me, that this could be caused by sophisticated technical problems in our WiFi school system. Let´s hope, that this mistake could be resolved soon.




I am preparing to use podcast in english class. Got the podcast app which is free and I am listening through the documentary Serial. All episodes are available and easy to comprehend. The serie is exciting, for real I mean this is really going on and it gives good insight in how it is to be a highschool student in US.

Lots to work with. My plan is that the pupils shall listen to an episode a week as homework, then we summarize, discuss and write about event and people in the  classroom.







Hello everybody!

This is a report from my class “Digital Creativity”. A class were you are supposed to work artistic projects with digital tools. We are now exploring iStopMotion and the simple method that allows us to go directly into the artistic work without technical problems. I gave the students 1 hour just to get to know the App during filming and playing with different objects, making like 20 seconds animated films. It´s possible to work with tools in the app resembling to an ordinary film camera and you also have an “onion shell” effect, which allows you to see the previous photo as you move your object a tiny bit taking the next one.

After this, the real work began. Writing a script, making some simple scenography, collecting objects useful for the purpose. They worked in pairs filming with one Ipad. When finished after 3 or 4 lessons they shared the material with each other and the directing began.

As I wanted the students to be able to work independently of each other, we continued the work on computers were they directed in Imovie. Of course we could have done even the directing on the Ipad in Imovie but in this project I didn`t see the meaning as the computers were available in this case.

The result was playful, creative films with a lot of humor. Below you can see some pics from  the atelier.



bild-9           bild-8



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