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Everybody knew Victoria´s Secrets, but who knows mine? It´s about Apps, Apps and Apps. We are working with it and every day we discover more. I just show you what I found … could be, its new, could be, you working with already … hope that it will help us during the work with iPads. And it’s my little contribution to this amazing project from the sunny side of Europe … Hasta luego!


My first App of the month is Quizlet (  iTunes-Link) which is not an App at all, it´s a system to learn nearly everything with cards. An online community of learners using and exchanging flashcards. Amazing for teaching languages and good for everything you want to get into your mind.

Gracias. Un saludo!



Give a try for free and look at

Author: Andreas

Senior profesor de las asignaturas de ciencias de la computación, la física, la política y la economía, Centrarse en la pedagogía de medios

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