Looking back at our first year of the Paducation-project I have to admit that I haven’t worked as much with the Ipad as I intended. Actually, I am writing this blog entry on my laptop and not on my Ipad as I still find typing on the Ipad annoying. I know that you can buy a special keyboard, so I might have to do that eventually as I work a lot with texts. I am not very good at playing around with the Ipad and trying out things. The “show & tell”-part of the project is always interesting, however, I wish there was a little more time for instruction, i.e. trying out apps together. The project “job interviews” that I used the Ipads for went well, though, and I will do it again next year with a new group of students. I also have a new project in mind which involves viewing and listening comprehension by using the film version of a novel instead of reading it.
What I really enjoy about the project is the international contact with our Swedish colleagues. Visiting the school, seeing and experiencing how things are different but in many ways still the same as here, and talking to our Swedish partners is a very helpful way to learn about teaching for me. I’m looking forward to our next meeting in October. And as I registered for a teacher training about using apps in the English classroom, I hope to use the Ipad more regularly in my lessons next year.

Wishing everyone a relaxing holiday!


Author: Jutta Koril

I'm a teacher for English, German and Drama at Lichtenbergschule Kassel.

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