Face yourself

When I prepared a practice lesson in arts in which the pupils have to assemble their photos of themselves with photoshop once as a giant, another times as a dwarf in the style of “The journey of gulliver”, I discovered a handy app of a girl called split pic. It`s a great app to face yourself very fast without assembling and you can learn a lot about composition.
It works on iPads, too, but at this time I`m not allowed to install an app by myself, so we worked with own iPads and smartphones of the pupils.

This situation shows, if there will be at some future time a different learning situation with various accesses each pupil have to own a private iPad or something similar like “bring your own device”. In my mind it would be very interesting to learn from each other and to participate different ways – like in Sollentuna ; )
I`m looking forward , Eva

Author: Eva Lorenzana

Teacher for biology and art

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