First Thoughts About This Project

With only a few days left before we‘ll eventually receive the new iPads, I now find some time to share my thoughts about this project.

Here at Lichtenberg Schule, the iPad is used every day by a number of different teachers who appreciate the benefits of integrating this device into their lessons. I also really like the opportunites that are offered by the iPad, for example to be able to implement additional (online) resources into the lessons and to give my students the chance to do some guided research on one of our topics and to present it in my English lessons.

In addition to that, I think the iPad and its video functions are really rewarding for both P.E. and English lessons. In the past, my students really liked to be able to use it in the gym to get some video feedback of their movements. I have also used it to provide some video clips showing simple dance moves, which were used by some students to support their creative process. In the course of the first workshop, I also showed my video interviews as one example of how I used the iPad in my English lessons. This example really showed me that the iPad does have a potential to motivate students.

However, I think that it is also important to find a good balance between lessons and tasks that include the use of the iPad and give our students time to explore and share their knowledge and other lessons which ask for more guidance and input from the teacher. I have to admit that sometimes I feel like we are by all means trying to implement iPads into the classroom instead of asking ourselves whether it is really useful to do so.

During this project I hope to find out more opportunities of a beneficial use of the device in my lessons and to become more professional using it. Last but definately not least, I am really looking forward to working together with our Swedish partners.

PS. As I am writing this, my students are preparing short keynote presentations on iPads about options to take a Gap Year after graduation. I will share my ideas about this task in another post.

Jakob Sievers


Author: Jakob Sievers

Hi, my name is Jakob Sievers and I am a teacher at Lichtenberg Schule

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  1. I think you are so right about asking oneself the right questions. I kind of lost control over my ipad one day. Kids taking pictures all over and mucking eachother. Next time I will plan better.

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