I tried



Started out my second lesson in a new course fully Ipad preperaded. I but the entire lesson in book creator, a mix of an old presentation, some dilemmas with case work and a small youtube clip. I arrived at school early to fully secure that the apple tv would work for me and my ipad, and it did, then.

I arrived proudly feeling high tech and al, to the lesson at 10.30.

All of 32 quiet pupils feeling uncomfortable being that some came from the media program and some from economy (lawyer wannabe) program. At first it worked, me walking around in the room with the same picture on my Ipad as on the screen, then it logged off after every picture.

So i did all that the old fashion way, speaking and drawing (while complaining). Next step dilemma and the instruction turns side ways, well , well I read then, but suddenly everything feels so silly.

The dilemmas that they should work with in groups also did not work, probably do to my stress level.

I excused myself and ran to Tony, that managed to print everything.

I am back in the classroom twelve minutes later with a stack of papers.

So now we can work for about 20% of  the lesson.

I apologised and someone suggested that maybe I ought to use my computer tomorrow.


Author: Ulrika Molin

Work as a teacher at Rudbeck, Sollentuna.

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