Ipads in Arts

Finaly here…

For the moment I teach a group of pupils where everybody have an Ipad. They have been using them in ”Media production” during the year and now I have started a project in the subject ”Estetic comunication”. We have been working with painting and drawing for a period and are now using the Ipad as a tool for documentation of the workprogress.         I asked them to take a photo now and then to document the steps in the progress. Their presentation of their work will be an Imove with stills and written comments. As a final touch they are supposed to compose something in Garageband and put it in the film.

Everyone is quite comfortable on their Ipads by now and they are happy helping each other when I don´t know how to help. Because the fact is that I am not yet an expert…

Two of the students are allowed to do the task on the computer instead, due to special needs. Otherwise everybody is happy with their Ipads and they almost always  bring them loaded.

So far so good. I´m looking forward to see their presentations.


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