Hello everybody!

This is a report from my class “Digital Creativity”. A class were you are supposed to work artistic projects with digital tools. We are now exploring iStopMotion and the simple method that allows us to go directly into the artistic work without technical problems. I gave the students 1 hour just to get to know the App during filming and playing with different objects, making like 20 seconds animated films. It´s possible to work with tools in the app resembling to an ordinary film camera and you also have an “onion shell” effect, which allows you to see the previous photo as you move your object a tiny bit taking the next one.

After this, the real work began. Writing a script, making some simple scenography, collecting objects useful for the purpose. They worked in pairs filming with one Ipad. When finished after 3 or 4 lessons they shared the material with each other and the directing began.

As I wanted the students to be able to work independently of each other, we continued the work on computers were they directed in Imovie. Of course we could have done even the directing on the Ipad in Imovie but in this project I didn`t see the meaning as the computers were available in this case.

The result was playful, creative films with a lot of humor. Below you can see some pics from  the atelier.



bild-9           bild-8



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