Larger steps with google drive

I have been working with google drive since the beginning of the school year and am very excited about it. I was able to gather some experience last year in my ethics class (grade 12). This year I use this service almost all the time in my German class (grade 12); the students upload all their homework to the cloud, they also comment and revise ( in small groups of 4 ) the products of their partners. As a qualified and differentiated feedback is absolutely necessary for the improvement of written and cognitive abilities, I use google drive as a means to an online writing conference.

A second , very interesting point is the direct communication between the students and me. When I comment or correct their products, the students have the opportunity to revise them based on my comments, in this way they can clarify those comments. So I can also check who actually takes these comments seriously and who wants to improve him-/herself.

The third and last major advantage is the fact that students can work on a project or text simultaneously. At the moment, for example, my pupils create a reader on the topic „theory of drama“. I gave them some books of mine, in order to find the most important aspects of this topic, afterwards they must write this down in the cloud by working together.

A new device is google classroom and I am very excited about it, because it seems to combine google drive with a virtual classroom; but more about this at a later time.

Nikolaos Lampos

Author: Nikolaos Lampos

I am a teacher at the "Lichteneberg-Schule" . I teach german language and literature, ethics and drama/ theater.

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