Looking back – and forward

The last ten months in which I have worked with the iPads were very interesting. I gained a lot of good experiences and this made me want to try some new things out.

I worked with the iPads particularly in German and ethics. In German I could thereby enhance the willingness of students to learn and to organize their learning process. For example I used Comic Life for writing detective stories.

Even in ethics, I was able to observe the same effect. For the older students it is very important to give them the opportunity to approach an new way of thinking and researching, in order to achieve certain communication skills.

Among the negative aspects of this work include the organizational problems and the fact that some apps are either restricted or don’t work quite properly.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the next year and the many new – small or large – projects. I will definitely try some things in my advanced course German out – for example writing reviews and creating E-books to many subjects.


Author: Nikolaos Lampos

I am a teacher at the "Lichteneberg-Schule" . I teach german language and literature, ethics and drama/ theater.

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