Looking back into the future

Looking back into the future

Right at the start of our next school year, I am sharing my ideas with you shortly. I enjoyed using the ipad in my classes last year very much and I think that the small projects I came up with were both motivating and useful to the learning process. Using the iPad as an English dictionary or a device to google something has now become standard in my English lessons. However, I also think that we shouldn’t feel forced to use the ipad as much as possible. There are many situations in which it is absolutely unnecessary and distracting to use the device but there are also a good number of learning scenarios that call for the use of the ipad.
I hope I will be able to find a good balance to do things digitally or not, to enhance my skills with the iPad and try to figure out more ways to use the iPad in a meaningful way.
I am very much looking forward to using the iPad for small presentations of 10-11 year-old students this year.
Even more, I am looking forward to meeting our Swedish partners again here at the beginning of next month!


Author: Jakob Sievers

Hi, my name is Jakob Sievers and I am a teacher at Lichtenberg Schule

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