Looking back!

I made a lot of good experiences with the iPad in different classes.

In history we used the iPad for an exhibition about the local history of our city. Such an approach is impossible with schoolbooks. Students used the iPad for research, Pages for writing texts and exposing pictures.

In French classes the iPad is constantly used in terms of particular dictionaries (Apps = Larousse dictionary) and grammar exercises (Apps = Pons Sprachkurs für Anfänger – Pons language class for beginners) and for precise and direct information about French regions, politics and culture.

In ethics we use particulars apps (Philosophy. A Graphig Guide To The History Of Thinking and Ethics. A Graphic Guide) to approach questions and contents of philosophical thinkers. Younger students also used Comic Life for writing stories in a different way.

Summing up I can say that working with the iPad and particular apps enforces the possibilities for students to work on projects and in history for going beyond the “normal history” which can be found in ordinary schoolbooks. Student evaluations in my classes show that students realize that working with iPads make them more independent from the information giving in textbooks. On the other hand it is still a challenge that iPads are not misused during the class. For me it makes teaching more open and project orientated leading to the fact that results of class work can be presented in many different ways.

Andreas Heuer


Author: Nicole Mahlke-Harms

I am a teacher at Lichtenberg School.

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