males vs females

Hello hello!!

First of all I want to thanks Max for publishing my comic that I lost somewhere in these pages…then I lost my passwords…but now finally I am here and i want to share my experiences in the classroom with you…I have been  using Ipads or even iphones for a while…long before this ipadproject… Students prepare some situations according my instructions and then together we  comment and  give feedback to eachother …It is very interesting to see how most of the filming from male students content a high level of tecnical work even if the exercice itself doesn’t show a good quality while females work is often “more boring” but the performance and language content is much better. It is interesting and important to discuss with the students about the goals of working with these tools: is it the tecnical content  or is it the language and performance  that matters?? In a perfect school and in a perfect world would it be possible to combine both abilities at the same time…but in my school only some of my students are working with media subjects…but it works.-)!!

Abou apps….not yet in the classroom only myself!

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