Michael Rosenthal – goals and first impressions

Since I’ve been working with my pupils (classes 5-9) and students (upper E- and Q-courses) regularly with the iPad for three weeks now, my goals with working with the iPad could be considered as on the one hand, that the young people should be better in easier learning from each other, being more motivated and, besides many other aspects, shall be more inventive, inspired and creative. In fact, it seems to me that they want to produce “something”. On the other hand, I as a teacher feel that the iPad could bring a lot of help and innovation to my lessons. For example, it’s good for producing texts, photos and videos within the lessons or, in Music, always having the possibility to react more spontaneously when a certain music title is wanted, so sometimes the students or I could find it on YouTube or in iTunes.

I regularly work with my classes 7 and 9 in Religion and in my Q1-basic course in Music with GarageBand and Notion.

I appreciate the work with GoodReader a lot and the possibilities of our WebDAV approach on OwnCloud and our Lichtenberg “Belbo”-system to share working sheets and their solutions together with the pupils and students. But I can also report about my difficulties with handling with e.g. movies produced by them and saving them on the WedDAV systems. After a couple of tries I found solutions for working with our “Belbo” and I’m trying to find an equivalent with our OwnCloud access the next couple of days. Nevertheless, I found out that these solutions always depend on the capabilities of the apps! The photo-app, for example, is not able to rename photos or movies, but iPhoto and iMovie can do so. These apps are even able to send files directly to our WebDav server and I hope that I’ll be able to use this function very soon. Regarding to earlier mentioned aspects, I’m really looking forward to using the new “air drop” system in iOS 7 with our upcoming brand new iPads Air, which I hope can ease sharing files with our students. But as a precondition everybody should be able to use only the newest devices 😉 !

Author: Michael Rosenthal

I'm a teacher at Lichtenberg school for music and religion.

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