My goals

I was very excited when I first heard about this program. I own an iPad for about 2,5 years and I have worked with it quite often. I am very impressed by the new media and the associated opportunities. However, one must take into account that the work with the iPads should add value and not just be an alternative.

My primary goals are:

  • to fascinate the students for the learning content and increase their motivation

  • to enable pupils to explore new ways

  • to help students to develop more learner autonomy

  • to try alternative methods and teaching phases

  • to inspire other colleagues and fill them with enthusiasm for the new media

  • to reduce worries of students – and colleagues – about working with the new media


Author: Nikolaos Lampos

I am a teacher at the "Lichteneberg-Schule" . I teach german language and literature, ethics and drama/ theater.

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