My iYear

i may be my most used prefix this last year with iPad, iBooks, iMovies, TEDiSUB just starting off the list that threatened to end with a capital I as in I’m drowning in APPle, until I got to know iTunes U. iTunes U has been the missing link in my work with iPads. (I’m fully aware of, as someone else wrote earlier, that iTunes U is not that great if you haven’t got the 1-1-solution that we are fortunate enough to have in Rudbeck.) Suddenly I have come to realize why I, if asked today, would promote iPads over laptops. For me iTunes U is both appealing layout-wise and functional. The fact that the students don’t need to leave the application even though they are using a lot of different apps during the lesson make them less prone to do other things.

The biggest win is of course the structure within iTunes U, which helps the students  and – I must confess – the teacher to get a clear view of what has been going on, what’s going on and what is to come.

Another great win is, as I aforementioned, is the possibility to use different apps within the iTunes U app (or within The Mother App if you will). Not only does that in itself create a sense of variation, but it also gets the creativity going within the classroom. And when I now have started to add my own iBook creations as material into the courses I can make the reading of old texts more interactive. Right now I’m producing a booklet in Swedish that hopefully will magnify the reading experience and in the end the understanding of the texts we’re working with by adding different widgets, Keynotes and tappable areas with imbedded videos, sounds etcetera to broaden the contextual perspective of the texts. I might add it here later on. If it turned out to be as fabulous as it looks in my head.

Looking through my post I realize that it turned out to be a pitch for iTunes U and iBook Author. But it is also a revelation of sorts. Before you might have heard me say that I absolutely enjoy working with an iPad, but now I feel it when I say it.

With my track record of posting one post every 6 months or so, I will use the end of this post to wish you all a great winter holiday and a good start of the new year!


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