My students have started to work

My students of the 11-Class have started to work with the iPad in art . The task is to seek out a representational work of art in groups of two or three people, which can be created as a movie with iMovie. The Students must therefore collect lots of research background information, if possible, contact the artist , if he is still alive , and develop ideas on how a work can be presented in an exciting, entertaining and informative way. The main focus should be on features of ” Moving Pictures ” and a spoken comment. The groups have 6 weeks of time for their work, depending on the presentation another eight weeks are available to virtually recreate the work . It must be ensured that the production is not too complicated.
Right now, the students must gather information with the iPad from the Internet and structure their theoretical part of the task .
The groups have opted for very different works . There are sculptural works from the local area ( Documenta artworks which have remained in Kassel) as well as murals by Keith Haring or a pencil drawing by Adolf Menzel.


Author: Martin Fiola

I'm a teacher at the Lichtenberg School, teaching Art and Politics/Economy.

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