My thoughts about Ipads at this time,



I use them almost every lesson as a tool. A tool to find information and to share assignment.

I use Imovie with kids whom does not have the persistence to write, instead they can talk about their ideas in a short clip.

We do not have to watch a movie in a classroom anymore, everybody can watch it before class at home or in school on a wednesday afternoon.

And the list goes on, teaching is easier with the Ipad around. Sometimes it can be harder, some kids keep on gaming during my lesson och chatting so that I have to loose my temper.


Now comes the BUT. The but is about the expectations from above to turn a tool in to a method higher than the force of God. To come up with mind blowing ways to enhance teaching.

It’s an excellent tool, and maybe I am missing the point of it all by seeing as just that.



Author: Ulrika Molin

Work as a teacher at Rudbeck, Sollentuna.