New project for the history class

New project ahead: After the vacation break I planed some projects for the iPad. In the history class – 12th grade – the subject is the cold war. Traditionally we should study main developments of that period found in the class books. I want to approach this period differently – by content and by method – needing the iPad to realize the project. Firstly I do not want to focus around the traditional Western centred perception of this part of history. I want students to get a larger perspective by integrating developments that are normally neglected: the process of decolonisation in Africa, the rise of South Korea during the 1970s and 80s, the rise of China since the 1980s. The central question is: Which developments lead to the end of the Western centralised world? Introducing the concept of global historical consciousness history should be understood from different perspectives not within the Western framework but truly transcending it. The task for students will be to develop a project – film, documentary, presentation…) to present results of their research in different ways. This should also lead to new ideas for presentation- examinations. The time planning gives room for discussion and exchange and will be from beginning November until the 11th of December.
(Andreas Heuer)

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