Not working so well at this time//Ulrika

I pad after holidays//Ulrika


I have been somewhat discouraged lately. It feels as if the group in which I intended to work with Ipads consists of to many students that have issues with concentration. I kind of knew that, but had hoped that the Ipad could provide them with enough excitement so that they could work and partly dip in to other activities.

As it turns out there is no job at all being done, but lots taking snapshots with the camera and starting troubles.

At this time we have troubles with discipline in general and as soon as it all calms down I will re introduce working with the Ipad


Author: Ulrika Molin

Work as a teacher at Rudbeck, Sollentuna.


  1. Hey Ulrika,

    I can imagine that for some of your students it is very hard to actually use the iPad in a constructive way instead of just fooling around with it. It is exactly the same over here…
    I hope you still keep on working with the iPad and find a way to motivate your students to actually work with it. Your students seem to like taking pictures/videos…maybe you can let them take pictures/videos in a project that leads to a (short and simple) keynote-presentation in the foreign language.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Sweden!

  2. Hey Jacob, Thank you and sorry that it took me so long to reply. I had trouble logging in for a while. I really have not been active with the Ipads as much as I had set out to be. I will try the keynote before next week.
    I really looking forward to your visit, is there any thing special you would like to see while in Sweden?

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