One Day in NYC – creating brochures using pages and the iPad

During the last workshop, some of you were able to have a look at my last project “One Day in NYC”. It has taken me quite a while to actually write something about it but I hope to be able to present and adequately reflect on this mobile learning scenario in the following text.

In my class 8 we were talking about NYC and found out about the city’s many famous sights. It seemed to me that talking about the city and finding out about this fascinating place, should not be restricted to the two or three pages in our English text book. I knew that pages offered different pre-set designs and decided to create brochures for one day in NYC using the iPad minis of our project and the brochure design of the pages app.

We started this project by making sure that everyone understood the key elements (headlines, text, pictures…) of a good brochure. Here I tried to outline that it would not suffice to just copy and paste colorful pictures and not make use of any text at all. I also showed how the basics of the app work.

Since my students worked with this app for the first time, the actual production of the brochures was done in three 45 minute lessons, which was one lesson more than I had planned before.

Looking back, I can absolutely recommend to use pages in order to create brochures of any kind and I think I’ll do it again. It turned out to be a very motivating task. However, it would have been better to not use the iPad minis of our project because the smaller screen made it harder to change designs of the brochure. I can also say that I would not work with partners anymore (14 iPads – 28 students) because only one person can actually be productive on the iPad at a time.

You can find one example attached to this post.

One Day in NYC example


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