LG Kassel

The “Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Schule” (LG) is a comprehensive gymnasium (middle- and high school), teaching students from grades five to thirteen. In addition it provides an auxiliary qualification opportunity for students of grades fourteen. The vocational degree after grade fourteen is called MaTA (mathematical technical assistant). The upper stage school rapidly transformed from a tiny school with 300 students (1973) into the only local high school serving around 1480 students (2011). The school early developed and introduced computer science. Nowadays the students have the opportunity to choose this as a subject for their theoretical examination at high-school level. Media literacy will be the goal for oncoming educational development. We developed a course named “Medienwerkstatt” for students from ninth grade and onwards. In addition to this we offer higher level students several projects for making internships in media subjects at local stations and abroad.

The role of the organisation in the project

As a school with special offers and competence in media education, mathematics, computer science, art, music and science the “Lichtenberg-Schule” is part of the project. The school is providing expert teacher training and delivers an experimental environment for developing new tools in education. Tablets (i.e. iPads) are in use since the market start in 2010. The school has foreseen the possibilities in a very early stage and is on the way to test and enhance educational use of tablet computers while building an ecosystem for contemporary educational purposes. The goal is to figure out how a future classroom should look like and what kind of structure for training and implementing new tools is needed. As an expert for developing and evaluating educational tools and structures the school will bring in many experiences for developing a successful project work.

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