LPR Hessen

LPR Hessen with its 51 members of staff is in charge of commercial broadcasting in Hesse. On national issues and services, it cooperates with the other 13 regulatory media authorities in Germany. One of the key responsibilities (beside licencing and controlling private broadcasters) is to contribute to the training and education in the use of media. So LPR Hessen develops many activities to train people in qualified, responsible and sensible use of all kinds of media. The four “Media Project Centers Open Channel”, sections of LPR Hessen with all in all 25 members of staff, are as well local/regional TV-stations for all citizens as responsible for both conceptional and practical work in media literacy – concerning TV and other media in all forms.

The role of the organisation in the project

One important part is to organize the workshops in terms of locations and technical equipment, to invite authorized experts and to manage everything that has to be managed before and during the partners from Sweden stay in Kassel.
The staffs of the Media Project Centers turn their attention more and more to pedagogues: In correlation to an agreement between LPR Hessen and the office for teacher training in Hesse (Amt für Lehrerbildung, AfL, Frankfurt/Main) one central role in the project will be to cooperate very close with AfL. This office is responsible for 20 regional teachers’ training colleges in Hesse, will achieve expert inputs and can help to spread the provisional and the final results of the project to the accordant offices in the other German states.