MOK Kassel

Media Project Center Open Channel (MOK) is as much a television station (with more than 100.000 cable subscribers) as a training station for media education, accessible to anyone and everyone. MOK has six full-time staff workers employed. They are responsible for management, administration, equipment and public relations, for the consultation, support and training of producers as well as for planning, arranging and executing training courses in media literacy for children, young people and for all those, who give knowledge to others – such as parents, teachers, social workers and so on. Every year about 1.000 participants are involved in the media literacy programme.
As a television station the Open Channel offers non-professional people the opportunity to film with camera and microphone, to be both seen and heard, to improve and strengthen local communication, to establish dialogues between different social groups and to encourage young people to improve their social and media skills for their future life. Up to now thousands of Kassel citizens have taken the chance to learn how to produce their own television programmes.

The role of the organisation in the project

One important part of the involvement will be to make expert knowledge available to the partners: Expert knowledge, gathered in more than 10 years, in elaborating, conducting and evaluating media training programmes for teachers – teachers during their studies, during their preparation time and during their teaching time. MOK Kassel is accredited by the Institute for Quality Development as a partner in teachers’ training. Working with media means working with TV as well as with IT-equipment (computer, internet, mobile phone …).
The other part is to stay in ongoing contact with the participating teachers to give them assistance in doing their “homeworks” which are agreed upon during the workshops.