RBK Sollentuna

Rudbeck is an upper secondary school with approximately 2,000 students in the municipality of Sollentuna, on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. The school is Sollentuna´s only public high school but at the same time is one out of approximately 230 upper secondary schools in the Stockholm region. Rudbeck is one of the top picks by teenagers in the region.
Rudbeck´s profile is all about the students possibilities to choose and to have influence over their own curriculum. Rudbeck offers hundreds of courses that can be combined individually. In this way thousands of unique study plans are being made that fits into the national programs for the upper secondary schooling in Sweden.
Security, satisfaction and a positive study environment are, along side freedom of choice, the important parts that when combined create the Rudbeck concept. Rudbeck’s goal by next year is to become Sweden’s best school in regards to enjoyment and academic results.

The role of the organisation in the project

Rudbeck has committed itself to an IT plan for the next few years. One alternative in this plan is the implementation of a one-2-one concept regarding access to computer devices for the entire student body. This entails approaching demands on our economy, our infrastructure and our teachers abilities to use these resources offensively in the education as a pedagogic tool. Developing skills within a teacher training strategy is of upmost importance if this significant shift is to succeed. Rudbeck will be providing the municipal education authority with the teachers who will be participating in the PADUCATION project. Rudbeck will also work closely with the education authority in preparing and implementing the Swedish workshops as well as organizing the mobilities to Germany.
There will also be an ongoing process for the participants to meet with each other as well as their other colleagues during the span of this project. Rudbeck will also be active in coordinating with Södertörn University to support the monitoring and evaluation process.