UAK Sollentuna

The Sollentuna Education and labor market Authority is the management office for the board comprised of local politicians responsible for secondary and adult education as well as labor market initiatives in the city government. The duties of the Authority includes monitoring activities through performance management and evaluation of secondary and adult education. The board is also supported by the Authority with knowledge regarding laws, ordinances, regulations, and current developments and research in substantive areas, procurement, tendering and contract writing.
The office also targets educational priorities and other politically important quality measures as well as evaluation strategies and the monitoring of the quality of operations.
There has been much activity recently in the development of several initiatives regarding IT strategies for pre-school, primary and secondary schools in the city. The immediate challenge for the Education Authority is to coordinate these various projects and mold them into a solid strategy for the city to go forward with.

The role of the organisation in the project

The Sollentuna Educational Authority is directly responsible for the developments at Rudbeck High School. It is a close cooperation on several levels. Skills development for teachers as well as the implementation of an IT strategy are two of the shared goals for these institutions. Projects having already been initiated for the early use of digital tablets, i.e. iPADs in lower level education. The high school has also begun to explore the use of digital tools to revamp the curriculum for secondary education. Both sides of this cooperation are aware of the pressing need to support teachers who will be faced with the challenge of developing their own digital competence. The Education Authority will be responsible for the administration, financial budget and the coordination of the different partners within the EU project, PADUCATION. The office will monitor developments and will be active in the dissemination of the results. This includes the incorporation of methods for skills development brought about by the project that will be utilized for other teachers within Sollentuna schools.