Pedagogical Day “Discovering Possibilities”

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There will be a whole day for pedagogical discussions about iPads at the Lichtenberg-Schule on 17th February 2015! More than 100 teachers are involved.

This is part of the program:

Short input about Hattie, ICILS and the German Network “Digitaler Alltag”.

Several workshops like “Digital Natives?! – What are our experiences…”
“Real Beginners – how to use a iPad”
“Giving Feedback and work with Google Drive”
“Digitale Helden – fight against cyber mobbing”
“What knows WhatsApp? – Security in Social Networks” and, and, and …

Special workshops for German, English, Arts, History, Politics, Religion, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physical Education
… with pedagogical discussions
… with lots of examples that the Paducation-Teachers found out in their own lessons
“Different creative Apps for Arts – from drawing to filming”
“Mind maps and Concept Maps”
“Explore various historical sources and archives”
“TI-Nspire and GeoGebra in Maths”
“How to share solutions and results during the lesson”
“Analysis of movement with films”


Author: Nicole Mahlke-Harms

I am a teacher at Lichtenberg School.

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