Plans and progress

Since we, got the get go on ipads for next year, the possibility to plan projects for the classroom has been motivating.


The first good thing is that enough kids in my psykologi group have ipads  which now makes it possible to work in groups where one person in the group has an Ipad. At this time they are making movies.


I do have plans for next school year, the first is,what is called the portfolio method in vocational training. (it is not my idea, it is upcoming in vocational programs) The idea is to bring your place of work into the classroom. My students at IM that are at in vocational training in stores and daycares, auto body shops 2-3 days a week and they will get assignments with them. In the assignments they shall take pictures, intervju, film and in any way document their progress, and use the documentation in the classroom. For example, someone in a store should during a three week period look at different displays and then write about their experience in  swedish lessons, research on internet how it can look english spoken countries and then have a presentation and finally evaluate their own work.

I am also using a digital books in psykologi  and english next year.


Author: Ulrika Molin

Work as a teacher at Rudbeck, Sollentuna.

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  1. Hi Ulrika! I’m also looking forward to next year when everybody is going to have There own “padda”. Everything Will be easier! See you soon by the coffemachine! Ylva

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