Short summit of last months (…and preview)

As I posted last time, I still use the iPad in my music lessons most of the time to present audio or video examples in the lessons. Since a few weeks ago our music department at Lichtenberg uses iTunes Match, which is a very helpful tool to have access to all of our music examples in the cloud, which were formerly accessible only on CD from our music preparation room. Now every musical teacher can share and stream everything from our school iTunes music library on up to ten different devices (of course iPads too!) in the class rooms or even anywhere else! This access is possible in two musical class rooms now, soon there will be streaming in all four rooms.
I still use “GarageBand” for producing something musical with the students, as well as “Notion” to get ideas on sheets.
In religion I´ve still got the same problems with backing up results, because as long as not every student has its “own” iPad some apps can cause some trouble… But on the other hand the iPad is the perfect instrument for getting a lot of different challenges together at the same time.
Looking into the near future, I would appreciate to get to know more apps, I still haven´t worked with as well as to share experiences with other teachers about what they have succeeded with.

Author: Michael Rosenthal

I'm a teacher at Lichtenberg school for music and religion.

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