Silent movies in my speech class

Last week I tried something interesting with the students in my speech class. After a lesson about para lingual (the voice except the words) and extra lingual (body langauge) signals I asked them to make a silent movie where they presented themselves using only body language and a few words in titles. They had two lessons to write a script, shoot the movie and then edit.

Today it was film time and the result was amazing and led us to a very interesting discussion where we tried to state the difference between body language and gesture and how it affects the way people perceive a speech.

Earlier this year I learned about the SAMR- model ( A way of sorting out how to use digital solutions in the curriculum – not just substituting the notebook with an iPad taking notes, but redefining the teaching and do things you couldn’t have done without using the iPad. The modell has helped me to think in new ways about how to show learning. This assignement really pushed my student many steps further in their understanding of how to communicate with their whole bodies.

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Watch one of the movies at:

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