Summertime and nothing new, but still fascinated

Looking back to the time before the summer vacancies, I see a lot of good use of the iPads. There have been good experiences of learning together with the pupils and my colleagues, too.
We have used it mainly for researching and for producing small products. Like the months and years before, it is incontrovertible that we have to use tablets to work succesfully in our daily education business.
For me in the subjects “Politics&Economy” and “Religion” its always important to have an access to actual media and informations. The most needed Apps consequently are “simple” Apps like Keynote, Safari, iTunes, ComicLife etc..
During the next year I’d like to use the iPads more permanent, maybe to produce “bigger” products …

Jag önskar en fantastisk semester!

Author: Gabriel-Hund-Goeschel

I am a teacher at Lichtenberg school teaching Politics/Economy and Religion. You can find me on Facebook, Skype or via eMail.

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