The last year

Hi everybody,
The last year for me working with the iPad is characterized with producing big products ( you saw the i-stop motion films which are developed in a half year project) and on the other hand small presentations in biology and mediation.
In mediation the work with the app comic life was great to establish a team of pupils who are able to work with each other with the intimate knowledge of particular behavior.
In biology the iPad is an attractive alternativ to a paper transcript because we worked in the open land and it was much easier for the pupils to add photos and films while experimentation and to reflect and to discuss while they presented the nice results.
Looking forward to the next year I will like to make experience with web based apps who are enable to work on one document with various members of a group. And moreover I`d like iPads for all pupils like in Solentuna, too 😉
Great holidays! Eva

Author: Eva Lorenzana

Teacher for biology and art

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