Troubleshooting… not only with Apple-IDs…

After using “iTunes Match” for a while there is one thing you should always have to remember: We, the music teachers in Lichtenberg, do use “Match” on our own Apple-ID. That means, you have to be aware, that it could happen, that you can´t update apps being bought under a different (maybe private) Apple-ID! In my case it took me a long time to recognize this “mistake”, because I didn´t understand for some time, why there was a constant “update-loop” for example with an update of “Pages”: after updating there was always again the same update to be loaded again and again and again, until I understood the “problem” (which was me, sitting in front of the screen – this “Pages” was bought with my private Apple-ID!).
Besides, some of my colleagues complained about that they had to erase their private iTunes library while using “Match” in school (what is necessary, as I mentioned before).
Last but not least I failed in using “AirDrop” even between an iMac with latest “Yosemite” and my iPad with latest iOS 8. Thomas told me, that this could be caused by sophisticated technical problems in our WiFi school system. Let´s hope, that this mistake could be resolved soon.

Author: Michael Rosenthal

I'm a teacher at Lichtenberg school for music and religion.

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