Trying and trying


I´m really trying hard to get use of the Ipads in the classroom
And I even have one group with their owns Ipads

But it´s hard in science

Last month we had a big role playing game about the klimate
It was 120 pupils and 7 teachers and it was this UN role play you may have heard of
The students represent a country in groups and ends up with a big debate

During the preparations the students of cours used their Ipads to search facts about “their” country
And they wrote their opening speeches on the Ipads and even had them to read from during the day

But earlier when I had prepared for the students to try their own Global Footprint I had found a website where this was good.
But when we tried it on the Ipads it wasn´t possible to use
And I have met that lots of time now

So please, if you find or hear from some good apps in Sciense for Hig school (there is lots of them for small children) let me know.

All for now


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