Using the app “Explain everything”.

I would like to share with you an example of how I used the app “Explain everything”.

I already had a power point presentation on “What to think about when giving a presentation/speech” so I used the app “Explain everything” to show it.

When I gave the “lecture” I recorded myself at the same time and I could also circle, underline and point to important words. Afterwards I shared the recording with the students on Google Drive, so they could go back and look and listen when they were preparing their presentations/speeches. I could of course also have recorded all of it beforehand but I feel so funny doing that, and I wanted to get the students answers to my questions and their questions recorded too.

So what did I gain from using “explain everything” instead of just showing the power point? The students will be able to again listen to everything I said which was not in the power point. They could of course have taken notes on copies of my power point but I don’t think all of them would be able to gather everything I said and most of them would probably not save the notes for a later occasion when needed.

(Here I was going to give you an example but unfortunately I don’t succeed in uploading it, so this will have to be “tell but not show”. Sorry I’ll show those who are interested when we meet in April.)






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