We had an election…. Work in Sketchbook Pro

Hi everybody!

I have an Imovie to show you.

All then “drawings” are made on ipad in Sketch Book Pro. An app were you actually paint and draw and you work with layers as in Illustrator or Photoshop. You can work with your fingers or with an ipad pen. Well, maybe you have tried it already..

I took my class to an art exhibition and the pupils were to take photos of portraits that they liked, using the Ipad or their cellphones. The act of taking a photo is an act of reflection and choosing and a way to remember afterwards.

Then to the actual painting; The next step were ta take a photo of a friend and use it as the bottom layer in the painting. The task was to make a painting in the same style as the artist but in a totally different technique. In the end you remove the bottom layer and your   painting done.

Finally I used my favorite app, Imovie, and put the paintings together for showing.

The text you see on the pictures means “Vote!”. And we used the pictures as a part of the work to inspire young people to vote for the first time.

Enjoy!  / Ylva

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  1. Hi Ylva, you did a good job! First I like the paintings very much and the way you put them together to present them. And second: congratulations – 83% of the Swedish people voted!

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